Homework/In-Class Assignments for A.P. U.S. Government and Politics Class


Semester I 2017


The first unit of study will focus on the reasons for a government, different forms of government, and the development of the Constitution of the United States. We will examine some of the greatest philosophers who have developed theories on the ďbestĒ form of government and analyze the strengths and weaknesses inherent within each system. We will then look at the creation of our Constitution and an examination of the document and its democratic components. An examination of how federalism impacts both the national and state levels will follow. Finally, we will keep an ongoing survey of the political climate.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Join Democracy Matters! (Thursday at Lunch!)


Back to Econ Unit IV†††††††††††††††††††††††† **AP GOVERNMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS**







         Discuss new Govít binder (5minutes)

         Lecture: Why Government (#7) up to Ideal Democratic Process

         DBQ: Democracy

         Intro Philosopher Island (#8) w/chart (#9) (15 minutes)

         Continue Lecture to Birth of A Nation

         FRQ (#10)

         Wilsonís Theories of Democracy (#11) (15 minutes)

         Take # 1, #2, #16 (will make it #3), and #17 (will make it #4) from your Econ binder and place into your Govít binder. #5 is the Vocab packet.

         Econ binders due Thu.

         *Read pgs. 2-23

         Here is the page with the links of the BASIC info for the philosophers). The 8 philosophers volunteers can use this info to complete their sections (#9). In each of the boxes must have it thoroughly filled-out (use a separate paper if necessary). Also answer embedded questions and the matrix section of the philosopher assigned to you. Finally, donít forget to dress and act your part when you present on : THU 11/16

         4th period Read Wilsonís Theories of Democracy and complete back page (#11)

         Shark Tank (Executive Summary due Nov. 16!)

         Print and place this page (Unit I Schedule) in your new Govít Binder (#6)



         Period 2- Wilsonís Theory of Democracy (#11) (15 minutes)

         Continue Why Govít Lecture (up to Principles of the Constitution) (45 minutes)

         Shark Tank (Executive Summary due Nov. 16!)

         *Read Pages 33-45

         Read Charles Beard article ďFraming the ConstitutionĒ (#13)



         Review Charles Beard article ďFraming the ConstitutionĒ (#13) (15 minutes) Quiz

         Lecture Why Govít up to(50 minutes)

         Intro Constitution Booklet (see homework) 5 minutes

         Time to work on Shark Tank (Executive Summary due next class!) (10 minutes)

         Print andRead Wksht: Federalist Papers Reading (#14) AND read and answer questions in the packet for Federalist #10 and Federalist #51 and Anti-Federalist #3 Due THU.

         *Read pgs. 46-54

         Chosen Philosophers presentations next class (remember to dress and act the part. You will be covering in about 3-4 minutes: background of yourself, your ideas as to the best type of government, what did you write and what were the main ideas in your writings, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas)

         Make your Constitution! Here is a link the will help



         Shark Tank Executive Summaries Due

         Lecture: Amendment process up to Federalism (20 minutes)

         Philosopher Island (#) Philosopher Island Presenters (#8) (40 minutes) and Start Philosopher Island (round 1)

         Read the section in your notes regarding Checks and Balances to Marbury v. Madison. Here is the link the section

         Do Baron de Montesquieu W/S (#12)

         Do: Federalism cases Due Nov. 29 (#15)



         Finish Philosopher Island (45 minutes) (#8 and #9)

         Why Govít Lecture: Amend. Process and start Federalism Lecture w/Lecture (20 minutes)

         Do: Federalism cases Due Nov. 29 (#15)

         Shark Tank Dec. 7!

         STUDYGUIDE (#16) to help study for Finals. Here is the School House Rockís Preamble tune. Fun to sing! J



         Finish Federalism Lecture w/Lecture (35 minutes)

         Start Unit II (#17)

         Political CultureLecture (10 minutes) (#18)

         Intro CHEESIE (20 minutes) w/rubric (#19)

-Handout CHEESIE MATRIX (#20)

         Handout Political Spectrum Sheet (#21)

         Shark Tank Episode segment (15 minutes)

         Do: Federalism cases Due Nov. 29 (#15)

         Shark Tank Dec. 7!

         STUDYGUIDE (#16) to help study for this unitís material for the final. Here is the School House Rockís Preamble tune. Fun to sing! J

         Compete Political Spectrum Sheet (#21)

         GO TO UNIT II SCHEDULE (#17)